It is your job to set up the situation so she can be sexually excited!

It’s frustrating to see men get so confused by husbands who just don’t get that when the day is through and the responsibilities of the day are complete, their wives just don’t seem to be in the mood.


Women don’t think like you.

A man’s thinking is very compartmentalized. He can think, “OK the laundry’s done, the motorcycle is fixed, phone calls are all returned. The itinerary is set for work in the morning. So what now? I know! Let’s have sex!”

And then they go find their wives and initiate. To varying results.

A woman is like a 74 Cadillac on a cold winter morning. You have to warm that 472 cubic inch V-8 before you can step on the gas. You can’t simply start the engine in 20-degree weather and go.

You can’t just walk up to an unaroused woman, perhaps distracted by the stresses of the day, pat her on the ass and say “let’s go.” Well, you could, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

You must master the art of mental foreplay. You must have her engine running all day, even for days on end.

It is your job to set up the situation so she can be sexually excited.

Once you’ve done that properly, the sky is the limit.

You can tell her to do anything, and she will do it. And especially because you tell her to do it. That is especially exciting for her. It is one of the many ways that a woman pleases her man, by demonstrating her responsiveness to him.

But you must create the excitement. How?

With dirty talk. Or I could say “erotic narration” or “storytelling.”

Dirty talk is not spewing a string of profanity at your woman. It is not being raunchy.

There is a difference between dirty talk and raunchy talk. Raunchy talk turns off all women.

It reeks of horny. It cheapens the act. It is degrading.

It is contradictory to having respect for her as an individual.

She could not possibly respond to it, because to do so would define her as a slut, cheap, and loose.

And it puts the man in the category of “most men.” It takes away from the “uniqueness” of him.

The magic of proper mental foreplay is appreciating her. Letting her know how beautiful and attractive she is.

And then engage in sexy storytelling that will make her imagination run wild.

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