3 Tips To Speak Seductively And Make Her HORNY

Your voice and the words that come out of your mouth are 2 extremely powerful tools when it comes to seduction.

The smoother you sound and the more seductive your words are, the WETTER she’ll be.

Here are 3 tips to become that sexy speaker that seduces the panties off of women with ease:

Speak slowly – Make it seem as if each word is important. As if the whole world around you has slowed down and it’s just you and her.

Speak softly – Not so softly that she needs you to repeat things because she can’t hear you. But soft enough so only she can hear it – nobody else. In short, make it slightly louder than a whisper.

Speak seductively – Inject words that have subtle sexual connotation. Convey interest in intercourse, without actually saying it outright.
Now I know the first 2 tips are easy enough to follow. But that third one is a bit vague…

Speaking seductively is an art that very few men have mastered. And those who have mastered it, have mastered a LOT of women.

And when you know how to do this anytime, in any situation… You’ll be able to chemically attract women, and KEEP her attracted for as long as you want!

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