What To Do If She’s Playing “Hard to Get”

Man, doesn’t it suck when a girl plays “hard to get”…?

You never know what she wants.

Maybe she likes you… or maybe she’s wasting your time.

Well here’s one little technique that will instantly make her want you back.

It’s called “The Takeaway”

And when you use it on a girl who’s acting “hard to get”…

She will automatically start hitting on you, chasing you, and making it obvious she likes you.

Here’s how it works.

First, you’re going to make her smile and laugh…

Then, you’re going to playfully reject her.

Here’s 3 examples of how to do it right:

1. In conversation…

This is where you playfully disagree with her and push her away.

Let’s say you’re getting along well with a girl you just met, and she tells you, “I went to Ohio State!”

Instead of saying “oh wow that’s so great, go Buckeyes, woohoo”…

And totally agreeing with what she says (lame, weak, unattractive)…

You might respond “Oh no… That’s a deal breaker. Ohio State girls are bad news.

We could never date, we’d end up killing each other.”

You push her away by telling her why she can’t date you.

2. With your body language.

Imagine you’re talking to a cute girl it’s going well

(the perfect time to do a “Takeaway” is when the conversation is going well).

Once she’s laughing and having a good time…

Start turning your body away from her, like you’re not paying attention anymore…

You might even tease her and say something like:

“Oh my god, you’re just too much for me, I knew you were trouble, I can’t be seen talking to you anymore..”

And then turn around and start walking away from her.

She’ll feel like she’s losing you, and she’ll start working harder to get you back…

Don’t be surprised if she starts giggling, touching you, grabbing you, and trying to prove herself to you.

3. Over text message.

Let’s say you’re texting back and forth with a girl and she’s responding pretty quickly.

The next time she texts you… put it on hold and don’t get back to her for a few hours.

(instead of replying right away like most guys who are desperate for her).

Her mind will go crazy wondering why you’re not getting back to her.

She’ll be sitting there wondering if she did something wrong…

And thinking of ways to make you like her more…

If a girl has ever ignored YOUR text, then you know what that feels like…

You probably sat there staring at your phone, wondering if you did something wrong…

And hoping you still had a chance with the girl…

So use it on HER at the right time, and she’ll want you in the same way.

That’s when she’ll start chasing you and trying to win you over.

And when she does – reward her. Make her feel good for chasing you.

Let her know that it’s working, that is IS winning you over, and she will keep chasing you…

All the way to your bedroom.

Make sense?

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