The Number 1 Reason Why Men Fear Approaching Women

It’s quiz time. Chill out though. It’s just one question. Here we go: Why are most men scared to approach women?

It’s rather simple: They fear REJECTION.

I’m sure it’s happened to you. This AMAZING girl walks by you and you’re eyes become GLUED to her. She has it all. Perfect long hair. A gorgeous face. A rack that stops traffic. And a behind that says “look at me” with each step she takes.

But you didn’t go up to her. All you could do was stare. In the seconds that you saw her, you already imagined what she’d be like in bed. Hell, you may have even sprung wood right there.

And she kept walking. Off into the distance. Never to appear again. But she did appear somewhere. In your mind. Even when you went to sleep that night, you thought of her again. Damn. Another night alone, filled with regret.

Look man. You should’ve gone up to her. Who knows? You could be dating her now. But that fear of REJECTION took over. Don’t worry though. Those days are FINISHED.

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