Belief and dominance

The absolute power of BELIEF can make or break a man.

When a man is not being dominant and leading his woman sexually (which only happens because of incorrect beliefs), he is quite literally opposing the natural order of life.

There is something inside of her screaming for him to get his act together to lead her, impress her, awe her, and be dominant with her.

This is pretty much the root cause, in one form or another, of why women leave men.

I have spoken to many women, and many more write me on a regular basis, all repeating this same basic truth.

But take this to heart…

…When a guy gets his act together and starts doing it right, everything “clicks” and flows beautifully.

Sex is amazing, and harmony comes back into the relationship.

I’ve seen many of my clients save their marriages. And in every case, it starts with these guys getting the right beliefs about women ingrained into their heads.

I’m a business owner, and I’ve studied a lot of success material, particularly Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich.”

Hill tells us in regards to money, you can manifest any amount you want; so much as you do it with absolute faith and belief.

Absolute faith and belief is the key to EVERYTHING.

I was standing in my library at home and grabbed an old paperback copy of “9 1/2 Weeks.”

I haven’t read this book in years. I started looking at the back cover and laughed when it hit me:

This is very much the same story as “Fifty Shades of Grey;” dominant Wall Street type, dominating an innocent girl.

It’s kind of the woman’s modern sexual fantasy.

Both books get into serious BDSM, and the relationships end badly, but they are powerfully tapped into what women have always fantasized…

…And that is a powerful, strong, mysterious man who knows exactly what he wants.

Women cannot help but respond powerfully to that.

So my thought for the day is DO WHATEVER YOU CAN to hammer in the belief that women are amazingly sexual creatures with fantasies most men can’t even comprehend…

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