How to escalate in the bedroom

We talk a lot about the need to take command and be the leader in the bedroom.

In today’s email, I’m going to give you an idea of what you actually need to do to escalate things sexually in the bedroom.

To begin with, do not seem like you are in any kind of hurry. You are not in a hurry to get off. From her perspective, it shouldn’t even be that important to you.

She needs to know that your primary goal is not about getting off, but about leading her into pleasure she has never known.


Light a candle, and say to her: “Baby, undress slowly for me so I can watch you undress.” Say sexy things like “I love to adore your body. You are beautiful to me.” All this time you are still completely dressed. She is still standing.

Then lightly touch her, non-sexually. Then press her against the wall and hold her hands above her head and make out with her. Then tell her to get on the bed. Tell her how you adore the view of her on your bed.

Then say to her: “You are a sweet precious innocent beautiful thing.” Then get close to her and make your voice deep and say “But I know that really, you are my very naughty little girl.”

This whole process is slow. Each step takes time.

Lead her through the experience of becoming completely vulnerable to you. Lead her into a place where she is totally naked to you in every way. Very powerful.

Go back and forth between sweet, sexy, and dirty.

It is not like you are trying to get the pussy, it is about how you revel in all of it.

She has to feel beautiful, sexy, and sensual but can also feel slutty.

It is the shock of that dichotomy that makes it exciting for her and allows things to be lead into an even higher level.

It is extremely erotic in the moment of the experience.

And then, as you get undressed and get more sexual with her, say things like: “Oh yeah, I love it when your nipples get hard.” Then while you are touching her pussy, say “Oh yeah, you are getting very wet. I know you want it. You wanna get fucked.”

And then, while you are fucking her, say to her: “Oh yeah Baby, you love it when I fuck you. You are my very naughty little bitch, and you love it when I fuck you like the bitch that you are.”

It is important that you first call her your bitch, because then it puts it all into the context that it is about her being slutty for you, and not about her being a slut.

Then say “Oh yeah Baby, you are being very naughty. That makes you want to come. You wanna come so fucking bad.”

And right before she comes, you say “Oh yeah, you are being a very naughty little bitch, but I want you to show me how good you can come for me, Baby. Come like a good girl. Come for me Baby girl.”

After she comes, tell her to get on her hands and knees. Fuck her from behind while you hold her hair in your fists, and say to her: “Oh yeah Baby, you love it when I fuck you hard. You love it when I fuck you like the naughty little slut that you are.”

Do not talk about your own pleasure during sex because it may distract her concentration from her own pleasure.

You want her to concentrate on her own pleasure so that she will have a very powerful orgasm.

Her orgasm is of utmost importance. However, once that happens, then you CAN talk about her pleasing you, as it may serve to excite her even more.

While she is on her hands and knees, treat her like a piece of property, and fuck her from behind while you hold her hair in your fists, and say to her: “Oh yeah Baby, you love it when I use you to get off. You’re my little cum slut. You wanna make me cum so fucking hard. Fuck me hard like the bitch that you are.”

That is very exciting for a woman, and sometimes serves to get her off again quickly. But only do that if she has already gotten off at least once.

Alright, guys, this should give you enough material to get through the weekend.

Put it to use and get back to me on Monday with your field reports.

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