Myth # 4: Women Don’t Want To Be Dominated

Men are such nice guys. They think women just want to “make tender love”.

The fact is that the overwhelming majority of women are sexually submissive.
They actually want their man to be sexually dominant. In fact, they want their man to get nasty.

You see, women live a life of dichotomies.

During the day, she wants to be appreciated by the people in her life as being proper and innocent,
but at night, in the privacy of the bedroom, with her man that she trusts and loves,
she wants to be ruthlessly sexual.

During the day, she is in control of her life and her destiny, but at night, in the bedroom,
she wants to be submissive to the control of her man.

In her everyday life, a woman does not like to be told what to do.
But in the context of sexuality with her man,
she responds very powerfully to being told exactly what to do.

Learn a new way to think about women, and combine it with the actual techniques that cause women to become addicted.

During the week, she is very responsible, but on the weekends with her man,
in the context of sexuality, she wants to be totally without responsibility.

Men hesitate to be dominant in the bedroom because they think it would disrespect the woman.
Instead, you must respect her wishes to be dominated in the bedroom.

There you have it. Be dominant in the bedroom, just like the bad boys do it.
Women love it, in fact, they become addicted!

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