The effortless way to be dominant

How does a man subtly communicate that he is dominant in this egalitarian world?

Have you ever wondered that?

I always say that a Dom never validates a challenge.

If you try to convince someone that you are dominant, it is as though your dominance were in question.

You should not be trying to make women see you as dominant.

You simply create subtle opportunities for women around you to be submissive.

You lead and create the opportunity for them to follow.

I’ll give you one of many brilliant examples:


“If you politely tell a woman to bring you coffee every day right after lunch for a week, one of two things is probably going to happen…

…She’ll take a different route through the building so that she doesn’t have to walk past you and you can’t ask for your damn coffee.

Or the coffee will start showing up on your desk without you even having to ask, prepared exactly to your liking, possibly with a beaming girl standing beside it.

Basically, give someone a few harmless commands, and you’ll quickly see that they either love or hate the very notion of obeying you. If they hate it, obviously, Stop!

That person is not a proper subject to play the Dom/sub game with you.

You’re not trying to dominate her existence. You are adding to her existence an area of life in which she is completely submissive to you, and you are completely dominant with her.”

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