She expects a MAN

Women expect men to lead. They expect men to pursue. They expect men to be men.

Here is Sara:


“I so badly want to meet a man who is learning about relationships.

I am just searching for a man who needs what I need, friendship with benefits.

But I am finding self-centered men.

in the first meeting in public we will like each other, but later nothing happens, because they expect me to call, to text to meet or have sex.

They want to be pleased, led by a woman.

I prefer to have nobody than dealing with men like that. Men like that will be in bed like that too.



Looking for a woman to please you and take care of you like your mommy is a symptom of NGD – Nice Guy Disorder.

Never tolerate a man who behaves like this.

Today I want to up your game. You need not just to get rid of your bad habits, you need to sharpen your saw – build badass habits.

I want you to get serious about advanced material.

Take a look at “Bring Out Her Inner Slut.”

When you can operate in her world like a magician, you will be the exact opposite of what Sara was talking about.

You will really know what it’s like to have the adoration appreciation and love of a woman when she’s winded, exhausted and soaking wet from what you’ve just done to her.

Bring Out Her Inner Slut


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