How to keep your wife faithful

So often I hear from the exact same type of guy…

…The guy who’s married. He’s in trouble. His wife isn’t responding to him.

Here’s the situation:


“How can I get my wife more interested in having sex?

…Particularly in different positions? All she likes in the missionary position.

She said that sex is nasty. She says she is too big and that she does not like getting naked to have sex.

I tell her that she is not and that she looks great.

Our biggest fights always revolve around sex…”


Instead of “having sex” you should instead switch to making her mind “escape.”

When in bed, you should “worship” her body, “savor” her body. Take lots of time savoring her body.

Spend lots of time massaging and touching her all over.

Tease her by holding her close to orgasm for a long time.

Then, do NOT ask for anything in return.

I’m serious – don’t do it!

Just kiss her and go to sleep. (You can slip away to wack off if need be, but do NOT let her know this.)

Do that for a few weeks and see how things change.

Be the Man. Lead her.

It is a last-ditch effort. If that won’t work, nothing will.

Good luck Kevin.

For the rest of you reading this:

I hope you’re not in this situation. If your sexual relationship is declining even a little, I would suggest taking steps to turn that around immediately.


When a woman has an orgasm, her body releases all sorts of different chemicals into her bloodstream that have different purposes.

For example, you’ve probably heard of dopamine – the “feel good” chemical that makes her feel like she’s mainlining high-quality Colombian heroin every time she comes…

But believe it or not, even this unbeatable rush of pleasure isn’t why women NEED amazing sex to stay loyal and respectful towards their partner.

In fact, there are literally hundreds of chemicals released during an orgasm that affect things like how safe she feels around you, the level of attachment she feels toward you, and even how she views you as a potential life-partner.

If you do it Her biological “programming” will have her so hooked on YOU that you’ll need a night off!

And if you’re not constantly “refreshing” these levels by giving her regular orgasms, she is biologically “programmed” to look for a man who will…

…Just like Kevin’s wife.


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