Why Most Guys Can’t Get With A Stripper…

Strippers are hot. They’re sexy. And they REALLY know their way around…

They’re also SUPER easy to get into bed (or under a kitchen table, or behind some bushes, or whatever…) – IF you know a few tricks…

But when I tell people this, the first thing they say is, “I could never **** a stripper!”

Now, if you feel the same way – you’re dead wrong.

Don’t give her money.

Trust me, she doesn’t need it.

And frankly, if you guys do hook up, she’ll probably pay her own way (or even buy YOU dinner and drinks.)

But as soon as you give her money, you’re no longer a potential hookup or boyfriend…

You’re a customer.

This is why you don’t need to be rich to get a stripper. In fact, she has probably had so many “sugar daddy” offers that being with a guy who only has a modest bank account balance (or is dirt poor) will actually feel more real to her.

Instead, connect with her emotionally and honestly.

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