The 3 Cs That Turn Women OFF

You went up to her. You got her number. You convinced her to go out on a date with you. And now, you’re on the date…

Since you did all of the above, you think she’s pretty much yours. Only one thing happens on the date:

You turn her OFF.

Whatever chemistry you had before the date disappears. And instead of getting laid afterwards, you get this:

Blocked or ignored. In other words, you NEVER hear from her again.

Why is it that so many guys turn women off and never hear from them again?

I asked over 50 women that question. And after reading all their responses, I came up with the top 3 characteristics that turn them off most:

1. Cockiness – It’s great to have confidence. In fact, confidence is the top trait women seek in a man. But when you take things too far, you exude cockiness. And that’s a huge turn-off…

One of the easiest ways to convey cockiness is to constantly talk about yourself. Bragging or lying about what you can offer sets off her cockiness radar instantly…

Regardless of how much money you may have or how good-looking you may be, show some humility. You’ll seem like a bigger man for it.

2. Complaining – Nobody wants to be around a negative Nancy. Such people are seen as toxic and total turn-offs…

Avoid talking about negative aspects of your life that may trigger bad feelings. In simple terms, avoid talking about your exes. Nothing good can come of it.

3. Complacency – Deep-down, no woman wants a man who’s satisfied with being average. You should always try to improve yourself mentally and physically to make yourself more attractive…

Read, hit the gym, take classes. Never stop improving, no matter how “perfect” you may think you already are.

Those 3 traits will make you repel women like pesticide does mosquitoes.

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