How To Create An Amazing First Kiss

I assume you can get a date. Let’s talk about First Kiss.

…You ring her doorbell. She opens the door and lets you in.

You step in and tell her, “Wow, you look lovely.” This entertains her need to feel beautiful. This also rewards her for taking so much time and care to look nice for you. You always reward proper behavior.

She will smile. With one hand you take her hand. With the other hand, you close the door behind you.

You turn to her and smile, then look at her lips, then softly go in for the kiss. This is a right-hand kiss, meaning you lean your head to your right and she leans her head to her right. As she kisses you back, you wrap your hands around her waist.

Then you slide your hands up her side to her underarms and then her triceps, and you lift her arms and place them, so they are tightly wrapped around your neck.

You wrap one arm behind her shoulder and put your hand on the back of her head. The other arm you wrap around the small of her back. You pull her close in and kiss her slightly more passionately.

You walk forward, so she walks backward, towards the wall. Pull your lips back slightly just before your elbows smash into the wall. Then kiss her very passionately as if you have been waiting 100 years to kiss her.

Press yourself hard against her, like you couldn’t wait to take her and ravish her and have her. With the hand behind her head, grab a fistful of her hair and gently pull down, so her head is forced to pivot back. Kiss the side of her neck. Turn her head slightly away from you and kiss her neck more passionately, but do not suck.

Kiss even lower. Kiss the front of the base of her neck as her chin is held high exposing her neck. As you are doing that, grasp her elbows which are on your shoulders and push her arms up above her head. Slide your hands up her forearms as you kiss higher on the front of her neck.

Grab her wrists and hold them together high above her head as if she is handcuffed. With one hand hold both her wrists together against the wall. With the other hand hold her chin and say “Oh Baby” and then passionately kiss her lips again. Then turn her head to the side and kiss her neck. Release the hold on her chin and wrap her waist.

Her arms are above her head, one of your hands is holding her wrists together, the other is behind her waist. You are kissing her neck. This is very exciting to her to be SO desired. It is so exciting for her to be lightly restrained.

Then step back, move her wrists to be behind your neck, look her in the eyes and say, “I couldn’t wait to see you.”

Step back, so her hands fall from your neck, take one of her hands, and walk toward her sofa with her in tow.

And that’s just walking through the front door and getting a damned kiss.

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