My advice for women: How to drive a man crazy…

The girls are curious about this…

One such woman just wrote:


“First, may you please keep my name unknown.
I would like to know what type of things you could tell me, as a woman that will please my man. It takes him an exceptionally long time to come. I would like to know what kind of things I can do to pay him back for the pleasure he gives me.

I mean, I sort of feel as if I’m not returning the favor as much as he’s giving me, even though he says he loves it.

I’d just like to know what more I can do to drive him craaaaazy . Haha. Any advice would be great.”


My thoughts for the lady:

It sounds like your man is a sexual DOM, meaning he is dominant in the bedroom, determines what will be done and when, and is very much into your pleasure.

It takes him a long time to come because he does that on purpose.

Or, well, it could be that he’s just not that excited.

A girlfriend of mine once said: “Sexy is not something you do, it’s something you are.”

So very true.

It is easy to tell a person what to “do” but how do you tell a person how to “be?”

If you were to “BE” a very sexy woman that drives your man craaaaazy , what would you “DO?”

Do that.

Start by “being” sexy. The rest will follow.


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