Some examples of how I “tease” girls

A friend of mine struggles a lot with women.

He’s good looking, has his life together, but his conversations fall flat.

And the reason for this is simple, they aren’t very fun.

He doesn’t take RISKS, and he isn’t playful with the women he speaks to.

This is because he doesn’t “tease.” And to help you avoid this mistake, I’m going to explain what teasing is.

Teasing is the art of saying something slightly mean but with the underlying meaning of the communication being “I like you.”

Here’s the FIRST thing to understand: It’s never too early to tease.

You don’t need a reason to do it, but do need the ability to keep your mouth moving and their attention focused on you long enough to distract them from the comment.

This means I never say: “You and I are never going to get along.”

And pause…………………

Because when I do, the answer invariably is “You’re right”.

So I say “you and I are never going to get along. So back to my friend – his girlfriend finds these letters and pictures… blah blah”

You tease and you move on.

Remember that teases are like a tiny little pebble you throw out to keep the target’s ATTENTION while we work the group.

Also the second major thing to remember is to keep a little “balancer” on the tip of your tongue if she does get peeved.

When she’s starting to actually get pissed (I.E not flirting) like she asks you what that means…

All you need to do is compliment her to bring her back around.

You: You and I are not going to get along”

Her: You’re right you should leave

You: You know why? we’re too similar.

That little compliment is enough to bring her back around. The same rule regulates complimenting, only in reverse.

Every one has generically complimented a girl and gotten the cold:


Well you can still pull that back by simply adding a pause and a tease.

You: You’ve got really nice nails…

Her: …thanks……

You: Are they real? (Sceptical look)

Her: no… they were real expensive!

You: Oh well they are still nice

If she was really gushing and enthusiastic about the compliment, I’ll leave it there. But when she responds less than enthusiastically, I take away the compliment with a tease.

Learning the right way to go about it can save you 99% of the mistakes that other guys will make.

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Hope that helps.

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