I have a challenge for you this week… (by Jon Sinn)

I was out with a friend of mine, and I noticed something REALLY interesting about the way he thought about the world.

This guy (who is actually doing really well with 9 new lays since I last saw him in Dec) walks around assuming things about himself, women, and approaching that are COMPLETELY ludicrous.

Let’s take a quick spin through a few of this guy’s assumptions.

The FIRST thing he assumes when he sees a particularly beautiful woman is that she is going to be unfriendly.

He also assumes any girl with a guy is going to like the other guy “more than him.”

Furthermore he assumes that all hot girls are NOT going to be interested in him.

He assumes that other people are watching his approaches and judging him.

And he assumes that he can TELL she has no attraction to him.

Whew there’s a lot of dysfunction in there…

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So afterwards, we went through these and I personally helped him reframe all of those assumptions and gave him strategies to cope with the assumptions as they come up.

To do this I asked him a simple question.

I said ” How would you feel, if you NEVER assumed anything about a woman or an approach situation?”

He started to think about it and said he would free to do whatever he wanted and approach all the girls he wanted more confidently, instead of always worrying about what he was “sure” would happen.

So here’s the challenge for you guys this week.

I want everyone out there reading this to try to go this ENTIRE week without making any assumptions about girls or approaching girls.

Don’t assume girls are going to be bitchy, or nice, or even that they’re going to speak English.

Instead just follow through on what you want to do.

See what happens.

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P.S. Your beliefs and assumptions cause you to look for evidence in the world.

An easy way to reprogram them is to change the things you’re paying attention to.

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