Why women don’t like or respect you.

If you’re not regularly hooking up with women, and struggling to get laid, there’s a good chance that women think you’re a dick.


You might be ‘too nice’, ‘too clean’, ‘too polite’ etc.

You might be in touch with feminine side. In tune with your emotions.

But she doesn’t want that bullshit.

She wants a mean guy who will ravish her like a sex toy. A bad boy.

Not a metro-sexual* worried about how nice he smells, how white his teeth are, and how shiny his hair is.

Guys that put on more cosmetic type products than women are dicks in the eyes of women who want men to walk up to them and say “get your bag, we’re going back to your place so I can come all over your face.”

If that sounds too shocking for you, then you’re probably one of the men women think are dicks.

Moisturize, or realize?

How To Treat Her Like A Highly Sexual Creature that she is And Get The Best Sex Of Your Life

Now you may be saying, “That is great and all, but what about the details? How do I acquire all those characteristics of a bad boy if I’m shy, awkward, and don’t have a lot of time to invest?”…

You’ll find the simple, straightforward answer to that here:

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P.S. *metro-sexual – be clear on this – a young, urban, heterosexual male with liberal political views, an interest in fashion, refined sense of taste and similar interests traditionally associated with women or homosexual men.

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