She’s LYING to You (how to know for sure)

If you’re like most guys reading this, you probably think you’re pretty good in bed.
Maybe even better than average…

You can last long enough, you know some good “moves,” and girls usually tell you they liked it.

Yeah, you and every other guy…

But the truth is, over 80% of women admit to faking orgasms and LYING to men about how good the sex was.

So the odds are overwhelming… even if girls tell you the sex was good, most of them are BULLSHITING you!

Think that couldn’t happen to you? Then answer these questions honestly:

Think about the last girl you slept with…

Did she stick around and keep coming back for more?

Was she raving about you to her friends… daydreaming about you while she’s at work… eagerly initiating sex every single time she sees you?

Or did your relationship start to fizzle out after a while?

Maybe she faded out on you after a few dates?

Maybe she was telling you she’s busy, or “I’m just not ready for anything serious right now.”

Or maybe she didn’t even care to explain it and she just ghosted on you…

Her texts got shorter and shorter, until she just stopped getting back to you.

She forgot about you…

You just didn’t matter that much to her.

Look, if you’re anything like most guys reading this right now, this has happened to you at least once or twice, and it SUCKS.

So let me tell you what you NEED to hear, even if it hurts your ego.

The number one reason you lost that girl – or any other girl you really wanted – is because you didn’t give her an orgasm.

Even if you have a monster dong and you can last for hours, that’s not what really makes her addicted to you… (that’s just some BS you see in porn that doesn’t translate to real life)

To a woman, it’s not about your size, your “moves” or your stamina…

None of that matters unless you can penetrate her imagination.

That’s right, her most important “erogenous zone” isn’t anywhere on her body, it’s between her ears – her mind.

If you want to penetrate her as deeply as possible…

To the core, so she is totally filled up by you, and only you.

And she literally can’t stop herself from coming back for more..

Coming again and again and again…

So you OWN her… mind, body and soul…

Then you gotta be able to penetrate her mind.

You gotta know what to say, and how to “trigger” her sexual imagination.

Do it right, and she’ll get sexually addicted to you.

And I don’t mean that metaphorically, like “aw yeah dude, she’ll really enjoy sex with you now.”

I mean LITERALLY addicted… on a biochemical level.

She will feel physical “withdrawal symptoms” if she goes more than a day or two without feeling your dick inside of her.

And she will be starving for your cock every time she sees you.

Ready to make it happen?

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