3 Biggest “Conversation Mistakes”

I was talking to a friend of mine who wasn’t getting the results he wanted.

He was asking me whether his “approaches sucked”, or he wasn’t “escalating well”, and trying to pick my brain for what the answer was.

It was actually right in front of his eyes.

It’s funny that guys spend SO MUCH time agonizing over how to solve these different problems in their game that they don’t actually focus on one of the most important ones:


Because let’s face it – you’re gonna be spending most of your time picking up women … TALKING to them!

Hours, and hours of taking.

(It’ll be fun don’t worry…)

So if you’re struggling with girls, odds are that your problem lies in BASIC conversation skills.

But look, I’ve been coaching guys to meet women over 10 years and there are 3 major problems that every guy seems to have when it comes to speaking to women.

We’re going to address these today. And I’ll throw in some simple tips. (Lucky you).

1) They can’t seem to start a conversation at all

The biggest one guys struggle with.

They can’t figure out what to say. They can’t figure out how to break that distance between them and the girl. They don’t know what the right “opener” is.

The good news is that what you say to start the conversation doesn’t matter that much.

This stems from trying to find the “perfect line”, which kinda comes from watching too many bad movies. The reality is that there is no perfect line, and even if there was, it wouldn’t work 90% of the time.

So forget about that and just say something.

2) They run out of things to say

Guys think they’re doing well in a conversation but then they go blank. They can’t think of anything and they panic.

I used to call this “hitting the wall.”

You have to able to keep the conversation going in order to move it forward.

Here’s a tip: read a lot of books, have a lot going on in your life. It’ll make this a lot easier.

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3) They “weird the girl out”

Guys hate to admit this, but it’s actually pretty common.

They’re too needy, too anxious, taking things too seriously, and it makes her feel uncomfortable.

You need to chill out, and pay attention to her level of comfort.

One thing that is going to help you here is not pursuing women too hard. Ultimately she makes the final choice, and she’ll make it the more she INVESTS IN YOU. You aren’t going to get her to do that if you do all the chasing.

That’s it for today.

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P.S. This is an easier thing to fix than you’d think. Because unlike approaching or escalation, you can actually practice a lot of conversational habits with ANYONE.

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