Are You The Creepy Old Guy?

If there’s one thing you don’t ever want a woman to think of you as, it’s ‘creepy’.

As soon as you’re labeled creepy it’s the kiss of death.

Pick up your balls and go home, because your chances with her are finished.

So if you wanna get some action, you need to avoid the landmines that set off her creep alert.

And when you’re an older guy trying to close the deal with a younger woman, this is 10X more important.

Here are 3 of the biggest mistakes men make, and how to avoid them:

#1 Too sexual too soon

Showing your sexual side is great. It’s what separates the guys who get laid from the ones who don’t.

But being too aggressive right away is a guaranteed way to end up in Creep Town, population: you.

Just because you’re ready for sex as soon as you see a hot girl, doesn’t mean she is.

Women need longer to feel your vibe and let the sexual tension build, rather than having it rammed down their throat (so to speak) right away.

That means don’t touch her in any intimate places too quickly. Stick to “innocent” touches and slowly progress as she becomes more comfortable with you.

This should go without saying, but also avoid talking about your sexual fantasies and fetishes right away.

If you get turned on by dressing up in a diaper while a woman whips you and calls you a bad baby – more power to you – but keep that shit to yourself…

At least until you’ve slept with her a few times and can begin sharing your fantasies with each other.

#2 Objectifying her

While women want to feel sexually attractive…

They don’t want to feel like just a sexual object.

For many guys, this is a struggle.

They’re talking to a sexy young woman with a bangin’ body and can’t help drooling all over her.

But this gets you lumped in with all the other chumps who treat her as just a body, without having any interest in her as a person.

It’s no secret that women want to feel an emotional connection with a man as well as a sexual one, so focus on creating that.

An easy way to do this and stand out is to only give her non-physical compliments early on.

The more attractive she is, the better this will work.

While every other man is boring her by talking about how great her eyes, smile, or butt is…

You’ll intrigue her if you notice her great energy, passion for life, adventurous spirit…

Or whatever else it is that’s reflective of her character and personality, not her face or body.

#3 Focusing on her age

If she thinks you’re only into her because she’s young, this will come off as creepy.

Especially if you’re much older, she’ll just think you have a fetish for young chicks and you’re looking to add her as another notch.

Instead, you want her to feel that you like her for who she is…

And that her age is irrelevant.

You don’t want to fawn over how young and beautiful she is, how she could have any guy she wanted, or how you wish you were as young as she is.

In fact, the only reason you should be talking about her age is if you’re teasing her for being too young.

Let her wonder is she’s mature and experienced enough to earn the attraction and interest of an older gentleman like yourself.

It’s something she secretly fantasizes about…

But when you seem like you’re worshipping her youth, you destroy that fantasy for her.

As as older and more powerful man, she should feel like she needs to EARN you approval and affection.

Don’t ever forget that.

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3 Comebacks for Her Insults and Put-Downs

Have you ever noticed that hot girls usually give you a LOT more shit than average girls

It’s because they get hit on a lot more, so they naturally have more of a “shield” or “filter” against lame dudes bothering them.

Why do they do that? Because it works. Most guys get pissed off and flustered when a girl isn’t nice to them right away.

They don’t know how to handle it, so they just call her a bitch and leave (and get nothing).

Wanna know a secret?

When a girl is fired up, and maybe even a little bit angry… she is only one or two degrees away from being turned on.

That’s right – on a sliding scale of emotions, anger and arousal are very close together.

Wanna know the fastest way to stand out from those lame dudes and instantly turn the hottest girls on?

Always know what to say when they give you shit. It’s actually very easy.

Here are three tried, tested, proven examples.

1) When she accuses you of being a player.

You say: “Cool, what else do you like about me?”

2) When she acts difficult or gives you shit.

You say: “That’s it, I’m putting you in ‘time out’ until you behave.”

3) When she says “I’m not sleeping with you tonight.”

You say: “Yeah, not with that attitude you’re not.”

Yes, I really talk like that.

And trust me, those are rock-solid examples of what WORKS with the hottest girls.

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No More Shit Tests


Big girls having grown up sex

Why are young women so driven to sleep with older men? The answer goes back as far as time…

Women by nature seek a man with good genes. And since older men have matured to an older age, they have good genes for longevity. Men appreciate with age.

Women by nature seek a man who can provide and protect. Humans (the highest developed species at the top of the food chain) do not value animalistic brute force strength as much as higher level qualities. Older men have power, resources, wisdom, experience, and relatively much more success.

Young women today want to be respected by society for accomplishing on their own, so they seek advice from a “mentor” who already did it.

Young women just want to be all grown-up. They want to have grown-up experiences and have grown-up sex.

That’s where the “professor fantasy” comes from.

And young women are fed up with “boys” their age who are immature and selfish.

But the biggest reason why young women long to sleep with older men is because it’s taboo!

Let me ask you…

Do you feel guilty about your sexual attraction for young nubile women?

…Society did that to you. Societal programming mixed in pedophiles and sex-abusers with any “dirty old man” who wants to sleep with legal adult 18-year-old women.

Don’t let anyone tell you what YOUR happiness should be.

Remember, 18-year-old women, don’t feel guilty about sleeping with older men. So why should you feel guilty about wanting to be with 18-year-old women?

And you don’t have to be rich or handsome. It’s not about money or looks.

…But you must have your shit together.

Some dating gurus may try to sell you a pipe-dream that any man who’s fat, broke, and playing video games in Mom’s basement can bang young hot chicks.

That is bullshit.

He would need a leprechaun as a wing-man and roll up for the date on a magical unicorn to get that shit to work.

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Be The Fucking Man


How to surround yourself with women…

3 Steps to Build a Social Circle Full of Beautiful Women Who Want YOU!

Step 1.

Be Social. Say hi when you enter the store or business. Strike up a conversation with chashier.

Step 2.

Get out of the house and go meet people. Give your attention. Be likable and approachable. Women take notice and get curious what is so special about you that people like.

Step 3.

Post more on Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

Hot girls LOVE to “stalk” guys online… so even if you just post a picture of your dog, or what you ate for lunch… you’ll naturally attract attention from some drop-dead gorgeous women who want to get to know you. And once you have their attention get them to message you.

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Sensually powerful is the essence of DOMINANCE!

There are a lot of married men out there who are absolute idiots.

They get complacent. They neglect their wives. Make sure you never do this because let me tell you something: …If your wife is a beautiful woman, and you are not fucking her, it is very likely that someone else is.

Here is a letter from a man who has benefited from the ignorance and neglect of married men. This letter appeared in Playboy Advisor:

“I’m a single, average-looking businessman in my mid-forties. During the past three years, I’ve slept with every married woman I have desired. I meet them in supermarkets, bookstores, and record shops. I invite them for coffee, and the rest is easy. From these encounters, I have observed the following: 1. I’ve not met a woman whose husband has made love to her properly in the past six months. 2. Many of these women had never had a multiple orgasm . Two had never had orgasms until we went to bed. 3. None of these women experienced any major guilt from these encounters. 4. Most view they are neglected and see our time as luxurious sin. In the meantime, I’ve collected a casual harem. I’m never pushy; they call me. Can you explain why so many men are such neglectful lovers? Signed T.G.”

That letter was not to illustrate that you should go out and pick up married women. It is merely to illustrate that there are a lot of men who are lousy, thoughtless lovers.

Imagine if she could meet a man who met all of her needs, a man who made her feel appreciated, who evokes a deep, powerful emotional connection with her, makes her feel feminine and womanly and sexy, a man who gives her hot passionate sex. It’s the kind of thing women dream about.

Through her life experiences, she begins to understand what she must have in a man. Some look for it in handsome men, some in popular men. She must have that feeling, but through a process of trial and error, including disappointment and despair, she begins to understand what she doesn’t want in a man, like that guy who cheated on her or that guy who was too much of a marshmallow.

If she meets a man who is exciting, she finds that he is reckless; so she looks for a man who is considerate, but he becomes boring; so she goes with a man who is macho, but he ends up being uninteresting; so she seeks a man who is intelligent, but he is sexually bland; so she takes a man who is dominant, but he is in every way demanding.

If she could only meet a man, who had ALL THE THINGS that could make her feel what she needed to feel—a man who is exciting without being reckless, considerate without being boring, macho without being uninteresting, intelligent without being bland, and dominant without being demanding.

The formula for that begins with a nice, considerate guy who consciously wants to make improvements to himself and his love life. That’s where I started. That’s probably where you are now. This is where a man must start.

An inconsiderate jerk would never care about becoming a better lover. But Nice Guys can quickly become boring on their own – they must learn to become dominant and evoke powerful feelings in a woman.

Being sensually powerful means to understand and appreciate the sexual potential in a woman, and having the passion to bring it out in her, to bring it all to life. Part of this mission is to enable a woman to discover her OWN sense of personal and sensual power. Your attitude has to be one of sharing. It is about two people celebrating being.

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Bring Out Her Inner Slut


How To Get Laid When Women Play “Hard To Get”

By David Dupree on March 17, 2019 (

I’d like to clarify something pretty serious that a lot of people–both men and women–seem to be confused about.

Women often complain that men only want sex. (Only?! Sex is pretty good, am I right?)

Meanwhile, men feel as though women are offering sex–but what they really want is financial security. They just want to get married and “settle down.”

Well, the truth is, both of these things are true.

However, it’s not nearly as bad as it seems.

I’m going to show you how these two truths cause women to play “hard to get,” and what you can do to seduce a woman who does this to you.

First, we’re going to talk about what women really want in the bedroom:

When It Comes to Sex, What Do Women REALLY Want?
I hear this all the time when my female clients talk about the guy they’re dating:

He doesn’t talk to me. He opens up with his best friend–who is a girl–but he doesn’t share with me like that! I think he likes her. I mean it’s obvious that he doesn’t like me that way.”

Meanwhile, men are also very frustrated. Many guys tell me:

She’s so full of it! I know she wants me. Is she just teasing me? She drops hints and acts like she’s getting turned on, and then she stops me and turns away…”

So what gives?

The truth is, it’s not what he thinks… and it’s not what she thinks either.

It’s more about what men and women want.

We talk about what men want in a physical way–because guys operate with the physical, and feel connected to the physical.

We talk about what women want, on the other hand, with emotional words. And that’s because emotional words are the language and medium that women use most often.

At the end of the day, both men and women want connection. They want to open up, and yes, that means sex too.

So what stops a woman from getting into bed with you… even when you know she wants to?

The #1 Thing That Stops Women From Getting Sexual…
When men and women get sexual with each other, it means that the man recognizes her physical connection to him–and the woman recognizes her emotional connection to him.

And for this to happen, the woman has to let go of her physical walls, and the man has to let go of his emotional walls.

This is what stops a woman from getting sexual:

When the man doesn’t “open up” to her emotionally.

Trust me–most women are not trying to grow old with cobwebs under their belts.

They want to feel the passionate excitement inside them, and the growing heat that starts there and spreads all over her body.

They want to explode!

But in order for this to happen, both the man and the woman have to give something up.

It Doesn’t End There…
Now, “giving up” makes it sound as though it’s not desirable–but it is.

Let me explain it from a woman’s perspective:

She wants him to get the sex out of her (or “into her,” haha)–but until he “teases” it out, she feels like she’s trying to hold back, or to resist.

Meanwhile, the man wants to open up emotionally, but he feels as though he shouldn’t.

He’s been socialized to hide his emotions–just like the woman has been socialized to hide her sensuality.

And when both the man and the woman are able to overcome these societal forces, then true connection is made, and sex happens.

Here’s a very important note to mention:

One of the changes in modern times is that it is far more socially acceptable for a woman to express her physical desire, than it is for a man to emotionally “open up.” Even today, this is still the case.

Back to the point, though. Most men know that, even when women want sex, the man has to approach it indirectly. He has to “sneak” it out of her.

That’s seduction, isn’t it?

Why, then, is it not as clear to modern women that they also have to “sneak” the emotional vulnerability out of the guy?

They instead complain that he doesn’t share–that he doesn’t open up.

This isn’t fair, but it’s a truth of modern society.

And there’s one big way to get around it:

How To Get Her to Say “Yes” to Sex Every Time…
If you want a woman to open up her legs to you, then you have to open up your emotions to her.

Obviously, sex doesn’t happen just because you open up to her, or she opens up to you–long before this happens, she wants it. Then seduction happens.

Most guys have experienced the feeling after sharing that:

Wow, I was talking too much. I don’t know what made me say all that!”

This is what happens when you are truly vulnerable with a woman.

It just happened, and it is natural, but–like good sex–it is a natural thing that has been neglected.

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Why Younger Women Desperately Crave You

I’m not gonna sugarcoat it…

Younger chicks with daddy issues all over the country are DESPERATELY seeking older men like a bad addiction.


There are probably multiple reasons…

Maybe it’s because divorce rates are at an all time high, and so is the rate of children being born in a single parent household.

Thus more and more younger women are growing up in broken homes, and are desperately seeking attention, validation, and pleasure from older men.

This is the first time something like this has happened in the lifetime of western civilization…and I see it everywhere…

Young women dating men 10, 15, and even 20 years older than them, because they desperately need an established older man in their lives.

But these young women aren’t just looking for any older man…

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There are certain qualities that have been lacking in their lives, and they need those qualities to feel wanted, appreciated, and complete.

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#1 Mistake When You First Meet a Girl

Man, first impressions are a BITCH.

When you first meet a woman, she’s going to judge you within 3-5 seconds…

And if that first impression isn’t a good one, you’re done, man.

She’s already decided you’re not attractive and she’s barely paying attention to you.

Here’s one of the biggest mistakes that creates an AWFUL first impression:

Poor eye contact.

Even if you’re nervous as hell, you can still pull off a killer first impression if you just remember – do not break eye contact!

But if you screw this up, she can tell right away that you’re not confident or cool and she’ll write you off immediately.

Here are some examples…

>> Breaking eye contact and looking DOWN – this is body language for “I’m a super submissive wuss and I’m intimidated right now”

>> Looking around the room instead of focusing on her – another sign that you’re not fully present (probably because you’re nervous around her).

>> Looking at her body – yep, she can tell. If she’s hot, she’s used to guys looking at her tits and ass all the time – and if you do it too, she’ll assume you’re just another thirsty desperate loser.

Here’s the best way to fix this:

Choose ONE of her eyes, and just look directly into that one eye while you’re talking to her.

She can’t tell you’re doing it – she’ll just feel like you’re making powerful, dominant eye contact.

And it will be easier for you, since you just have one thing to focus on.

Bonus tip – while looking her in the eyes, think really warm, accepting, CONFIDENT thoughts to yourself.

Thoughts like…

“Wow, you are so beautiful.”

“I completely accept you.”

“I wonder what kind of amazing adventures we’re about to have together.”

“You are going to LOVE it when I do naughty things to you later…”

Why am I telling you this?

Because… whatever you’re thinking and feeling is going to be expressed through your eyes.

And she’s going to feel it, instantly. Without words.

Try it out and you’ll see for yourself – the eyes are the most direct, HONEST way to tell how another person is feeling.

Or, as women love to say… “the eyes are the window to the soul.”

So if you’re thinking negative, anxious thoughts – she can tell by looking at your eyes. And she won’t be attracted to you.

But if you’re thinking amazing, attractive, confident thoughts – she’ll feel that too… and be drawn to you like a magnet.

That’s what a “vibe” really is – that magnetic feeling shared between you and her, in the moment.

And you can control the vibe with your eyes, anytime you want.

Pretty cool, right?

Very simple – and very powerful.

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A woman can fall in love with a man in as little as 4 minutes

Have you ever heard this before?

Women decide if they’ll be with you within the first few minutes of meeting you.

You probably have, as it’s an idea that gets tossed around all the time.

But here’s something that isn’t nearly as well known.

A woman can fall in love with a man in as little as 4 minutes

Create this love in any woman.

I know that sounds far fetched, because it normally takes time for someone to fall in

However, science has proven it is indeed possible to create love in only 4 minutes.
The New York Times has validated this scientific breakthrough.

Now, the good news for guys like you and me is you don’t need to be born with any
natural advantages.

You don’t need to be tall, muscular, good-looking, rich, or funny for this to work.

Making women fall in love is simple

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If you can get her to open up and be vulnerable with you, she’ll fall for you.

And the more vulnerable she allows herself to feel with you, the deeper in love she’ll fall.

Success with women really comes down to learning a new way to think about women, then combining it with the actual techniques that cause women to feel that magical emotion called ATTRACTION.

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It’s JAM PACKED with ideas that you can learn and use starting TONIGHT. You can go download it right now and be reading it within just a few minutes.

Download it here:

‘Attract Hotter Women’

…to get it.

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‘No More Shit Tests’


Why Hot Girls Like Ugly Guys

So check it out…

Uncle Tom is 58 years old, hasn’t gone shopping for clothes since the mid 1980s, and shaped like a pear

And he gets laid like a S*x God.

For the longest time, my friends and I couldn’t figure out why.

It’s NOT like he has any money. The last job he had was working the night shift at 7/11

It’s not like he’s good-looking. (He looks like the “Before” picture in a fitness ad…)

And it’s not like he’s packing a salami in his pants.

In fact, Uncle Tom’s is more like a cocktail weiner.

(How would I know that? Let’s just say one time I dropped by his apartment unannounced, and caught him in the middle of a game of “Naked Twister” with a couple of 23-year-olds…)

And yet, he’s has always got smoking hot women coming and going from his place.

Every time I go out with him in public, he’s collecting phone numbers from girls.

Nowadays, my Uncle Tom – who my family always thought was a complete wacko – is a bonafide s*xual legend.

One day I asked him for the secret of his success. “I have three rules,” he said.

1) Never put p**sy on a pedestal

2) Never spend money on dates

3) And you can have ANY girl as long as you know how to “control her mind.”

Control her mind?!

Learn a new way to think about women, and combine it with the actual techniques that cause women to feel that magical emotion called ATTRACTION.

Yup — and believe me, if Uncle Tom can do it, YOU can do it. Learn the secret of Female Mind Control here (insanely powerful stuff and EASY to learn)

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The size that matters …