“Respect is all you have left in the morning….”

It’s a head’s up match at 4am when KGB goes all-in…

McDermott: “That’s $4,400. I’m gonna call you. Or else, I won’t respect myself tomorrow morning.”

Teddy (KGB): “Respect is all you have left in the morning!”

This scene ends beautifully with KGB’s ego taking over and going all in…

McDermott (Matt Damon) wins this pivotal hand and pisses off KGB (John Malkovich)…

Settling his debt once and for all.

Sometimes your nuts are all you’ve got.

Especially when you can back ’em up.

And that’s the key.

Make sure you can back up your bets and that your bite is as bad, or worse, than your bark.

Rounders is a hell of a movie if you ask me.

Shows the art of preparation.



The need to go all in.

And an often misused character trait inspired by….

… a real life 1998 World Series of Poker hand won by Johnny Chan over an inexperienced Erik Seidel, where the perfect use of “controlled aggression” was masterfully witnessed.

What’s “controlled aggression” you ask?

The ability to stay calm under pressure, waiting for your perfect time to strike…

After your opponent has beat their chest so hard, they’ve lost all sense of reality of the REAL situation…

The kicker?

By using “controlled aggression”, you win the game even before your opponent realizes you’ve started playing.

Use it wisely young grasshopper.

“Controlled aggression”, combined with passing her tests the way it is taught it this book…

Game Over.

Here’s where to join us:

‘No More Shit Tests’

See you inside.

Tired Of Wasting Money And Not Getting Physical?

Dating can be frustrating as hell. After all, women aren’t the simplest creatures to figure out. And here’s where most guy’s make a mistake: They think MONEY is the key to figuring women out. And it’s NOT.

Think of how far men go just to impress women. They’ll buy a flashy car. Expensive clothes. A gym membership to build up their muscles. Gifts for the girl. Expensive dates. Some even offer to pay their bills!

What does this result in? You might get laid. But you’re more likely to get PLAYED.

Simply put, she will NOT respect you. Why? Because buying your way means you’re a pushover. That you don’t have enough confidence in who you are as a MAN to win her over. So you use MONEY to do it.

You don’t need to go bankrupt!

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The attraction you’ll build will be so INTENSE, she’ll be willing to do ANYTHING to please you in and out of the bedroom. And you know what? You won’t have to buy her a damn thing either!

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Save your money. Save your pride. AND give her pleasure in the process…

Jenny likes it rough! (by David Shade)

Sometimes women really want you to get the cues when it time to be dominant and rough. It’s exciting for them.

So pay attention to the cues. Like Jenny’s man does.

Here is Jenny:


Hi David,

I don’t mind aggression when making love. Sometimes it really turns me on.

My man is an amazing lover. It’s in the way he takes control of my body. He pulls and moves my body aggressively in different positions. It shows that he wants to give me sex that I enjoy. He would massage my vagina with his fingers very intensely.

It’s wonderful, even better than when he uses his penis.

I love it.

At the moment I can’t seem to get enough. I just seem to want to do it all the time. I don’t want to stop wanting it either.


My thoughts:

This is why you must lead her. She wants you to take control.

Women are sexually submissive. At least a high enough percentage of women to be considered just about every woman there is.

Women are not sexually dominant. They can, at times, assume the sexually dominant role, but it is only a role. They are, by nature, sexually submissive.

Social conditioning supports this. It states that it is feminine and proper to be sexually submissive and that it is unacceptable to be sexually dominant. Therefore, she cannot take the initiative.

Because she is sexually submissive, she wants her man to take the lead and be sexually dominant. Only then can she fully enjoy her sexuality.

But her man won’t take the lead!

Social programming states that women should be treated with respect. And they absolutely should. But men have interpreted social programming to mean that men should not be sexually dominant.

Jenny is a very lucky woman to have a man comfortable enough in who he is to be able to be dominant and exciting for her.

This is precisely the kind of man YOU want to be.

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Be The Fucking Man!

Go with the flow!

Think about all the technological changes you’ve seen over the years…

Remember cell phones that used to be as big as a brick?

Remember CD’s?


Now, cell phones are really light and super slim.

And they pack wayyy more power than their predecessors.

CD’s have given up their reign to music files than can be zapped across the Internet.

And the list goes on and on.

You could pick from your mind numerous examples of gadgets that have changed how you live life.

That’s the work of smart people.

People who found quicker and easier ways of doing things.

It makes no sense to go against the trend.

But it makes sense to go with the flow.

Swim with the current, instead of against it.

With that said, I found a way of getting results much faster than you could dream of…

And I have no qualms about sharing this with you:

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Follow smart people who can get you to where you’re going faster.

It goes for every aspect of your life too.

The quicker you get in and exploit their knowledge before everyone else does, the faster you will see the results you desire.

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The Natural Drug That Makes Women Horny!

Did you know there’s a drug produced in a woman’s body that’s more powerful than pure heroin?

This drug gives women INTENSE pleasure.

And when you know how to get her body making this stuff, you’ll have complete control over her body WITHOUT her knowing.

Sounds nuts, right?

Nuts yes. But true.

How To Make Her Body Produce This Natural “Horny” Drug WITHOUT Her Knowing!

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I’m afraid women will see me as a player if I approach every woman in the room…

Today we have a good question:

“I’m really starting to get this stuff, but now I’m facing a new problem.

I’m afraid women will now see me as a player.

Is there anything wrong with this?

How do you deal with it?”

– Steve

*** My Answer ***

Logic, my friend.

Here’s how your conversations SHOULD go down…

Her: You are such a player.

You: And your point would be?

Her: Well, I want a man to pay attention to me, only. Why are you that way?

You: Would you agree that it’s hard to find somebody to click with?

Her: Yes

You: Would you also agree that you have to date a few different people to increase the chances of meeting someone great?

Her: Yes

You: So, are you saying that I should sit on my couch, watching T.V. every night, while waiting for the right woman to walk through my living room?

Her: No

You: Exactly. Any more questions?

Yes my friends.

It is that easy.

And I can show you all the finer details on how you can do this too.

Ok, so you might be reading this right now, and you’re probably wondering…

“What’s The Best Way For Me to REALLY Learn This Stuff?”

Hey, I’m glad you asked.

Success with women really comes down to learning a new way to think about women, then combining it with the actual techniques that cause women to feel that magical emotion called ATTRACTION.

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It’s the best investment you can make in your dating life, period… end of story.

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And I’ll talk to you again in a couple of days.


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No More Shit Tests

Once you have the eye contact down, you can include a quick “Hi”…

A lot of men think you need good looks to have a good love life. And while that may certainly help you seduce strangers on the surface, it’s not that necessary…

There’s one ingredient or trait that’s much more vital than good looks if you hope to score with women. And if you lack it, your love life (and other parts of your life as well) will be lacking:


You need it to attract friends. To attract a job/career. To attract success. And most of all, you need confidence to attract women.

This is probably why you’ve seen guys who weren’t the best looking. But that didn’t stop them from having a beautiful babe walking with them (and spare me the, “They have money” excuse).

Unfortunately, confidence is as elusive as good looks for many men. Luckily, even if you weren’t “born with it,” you can do things to increase your confidence level, such as this:

Take one step FORWARD.

No, I’m not suggesting you literally place one foot in front of the other. Instead, I’m suggesting you figuratively take one step forward in whatever it is you want to achieve…

For instance, you may lack confidence when it comes to approaching women, probably due to the fear of rejection…

You think that simply hearing “No” from a female you approach will end in instant death. So to avoid this fatal feeling, you don’t approach at all…

This can obviously cut down your chances at meeting new women. Because unless they approach you, you’re SCREWED…

To kill this fear and lack of confidence, make little moves that will bring you closer to reaching your goal of approaching…

Starting today, say that you’ll look at least 5 women in the eye – not like you want to kill or kidnap them – but just friendly eye contact matched with a smile…

Instead of walking with your head down due to a lack of confidence, your head will be up and making eye contact. And as you see some women react positively (they’ll smile back), you’ll start to see that they’re not so scary…

Once you have the eye contact down, you can include a quick “Hi” with each women you connect with. And once they say “Hi” back, you’re yet another step closer to getting the confidence you need to approach.

By simply taking small steps forward each and every day, you’ll gain confidence. And as your confidence rises, you’ll automatically become more attractive to the opposite sex.

Looking for more tips to attract and seduce women so you can start having more sex and even attract that perfect girlfriend?

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They’ll get them BEGGING to be with you.

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The Number 1 Reason Why Men Fear Approaching Women

It’s quiz time. Chill out though. It’s just one question. Here we go: Why are most men scared to approach women?

It’s rather simple: They fear REJECTION.

I’m sure it’s happened to you. This AMAZING girl walks by you and you’re eyes become GLUED to her. She has it all. Perfect long hair. A gorgeous face. A rack that stops traffic. And a behind that says “look at me” with each step she takes.

But you didn’t go up to her. All you could do was stare. In the seconds that you saw her, you already imagined what she’d be like in bed. Hell, you may have even sprung wood right there.

And she kept walking. Off into the distance. Never to appear again. But she did appear somewhere. In your mind. Even when you went to sleep that night, you thought of her again. Damn. Another night alone, filled with regret.

Look man. You should’ve gone up to her. Who knows? You could be dating her now. But that fear of REJECTION took over. Don’t worry though. Those days are FINISHED.

Go HERE to put an end to your fear. See how just a few moves can turn rejection into SUCCESS with ANY woman. Even that girl who passed you on the street:

Attract Hotter Women

Make Girls Chase You!

Do you get fed up having to make the first move when it comes to women?

Hacked off with wasting money on dates and gifts only to go home alone?

Pissed off by flaky women who make getting laid so much effort?!

Stop being such a nice guy. It’s time to adjust your attitude and thinking.

Treating women with respect is all very politically correct, but it’s bullshit if you’re trying to get into her knickers.

By shifting your game, you trigger her ‘chase’ desire. It’s a thing in her brain that makes her want you like a new pair of shoes. And she won’t stop until she’s “wearing” you.

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The power-combo of meeting girls and “tiny habits”

Can you actually reach your goal of meeting The One in less than 2 minutes?

No… but you CAN make a good habit that will help you do it.

Habits are the glue that keeps your life together. So give it a read. It will help you take your skills to the next level… and even help you create habits in any area of your life… and do it in less than 2 minutes.

It’s a method called “Tiny Habits” that I learned from James Clear.

Tiny habits are essentially small moves that can add up to major progress over time.

It reminds me of the movie Contact, when Jodie Foster’s dad was teaching her how to use an old ham radio. “Small moves, Ellie. Small moves”.

Exponential progress is really interesting stuff. Maybe you’ve heard the old analogy, “If you only got a penny a day and doubled it every day, in a month you’d be a millionaire.”

It’s so much easier to think, “I’m going to only focus on my goals for a few minutes a day,” and then try to stop after once you get some momentum, than taking on your goals one large chunk.

Here’s the approach: set your phone timer for 2 minutes. That’s all. Then laser-focus for those 2 minutes on whatever it is you’re doing.

This works particularly well when you’re trying to meet a woman or a man of your liking. Because it automatically removes all the pressure and expectations. 2 Minutes is all it takes.

If you don’t have ‘Attract Hotter Women’ yet, grab your copy here right now:

Attract Hotter Women

Better yet.

Tiny Habits don’t just work for meeting women and men — they work for just about anything.

After that, I want you to pick one specific goal you have and only work on it for only two minutes.

You’ll probably want to keep going, but don’t Stop at 2 minutes. Do that every day for a week. Then watch what happens. You’ll see a powerful habit form, and you’ll want to work at it longer.

Let me know how this works for you.