The Easiest Way To Be More Attractive When You’re Older…

Today we’re going to be talking about Pre-Selection.

Pre-selection is the idea that women will be MORE attracted to you if they see you with other women… And it is huge for older guys.

The reason Pre-selection works is because of what’s called “thin slicing.”

As described by Malcolm Gladwell in the book “Blink”, thin slicing occurs when people make snap decisions about people, places and things.

When a woman sees you with other women she automatically thin slices that you are safe and attractive.

Because after all why would girls be hanging out with a guy who was creepy or unattractive?

This is huge for older guys because older guys often have more of that “creepy” hurdle to overcome, and it can often TANK their results.

There is no better way to overcome this hurdle than by genuine pre-selection.

Pre-selection can be displayed verbally by mentioning an ex-girlfriend casually in a story, or by talking about hooking up with a girl recently.

The more subtly you can do this, the better it works. You don’t want to force verbal pre-selection into a conversation or do it in an incongruent way.

Pre-selection can also be demonstrated by parading a girl around a bar or a club, or being surrounded by girls as you talk to them.

In other words, hang around with women. It’ll help.

P.S. If you’re an older guy, it can be hard enough getting women your own age let alone younger women.

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Gold Diggers and Distant Fathers

Here’s a pretty deep female psych piece.

One of the things about my friends with sugar daddies and non-sugar-daddy girls, is the direct relationship between how the girl’s father showed affection and how the girl currently feels attraction.

Every girl I’ve ever met who was a “Gold-digger” had a weird relationship with their dads.

No great shock here, the only thing more obvious would be suggesting that all strippers have Daddy issues.

But the specific nature of the relationship, became more clear to me when I was talking to non-sugar-daddy girls.

Unlike most Gold-Diggers this one girl (I’ll call her Danielle) comes from a relatively poor family. Her dad lived across town from her, but only showed up every couple of months to take her out to eat or bring her a few presents.

Coincidentally,the way this girl feels someone likes her is when they buy/give her things.

Even if it’s something small like a drink or a pair of sandals at the beach.

The emotional distance, combined with him using material gifts instead of time, love, and guidance, produced a woman who is incapable at this point in her life of loving a man in the conventional terms.

She just doesn’t know how to do it.

I think most of the time in Dating people would explain gold digging as a “Survival” tactic.

Like when Mystery used to say that he would rather feed a girl a piece of food from his plate than buy her dinner, because of the evolutionary subtext.

While I think there’s a part of that which is true, I think more than nature, NURTURE is what creates our habits and emotions.

Nurture is why the purple Nike cult drank strychnine laced kool-aid and some even served it to their children.

Nurture is why terrorists drove a plane into the World Trade Center on September 11th.

And IMO nurture is responsible for gold-digging behavior.

I’m not a huge fan of Freud, but I do think he was on to something with his ideas about our mothers and fathers and the issues they create in how we process and feel loved.

The flip side of this is girls who get along really well with their dads.

These girls tend to be more self reliant, independent, and together.

They also tend to have too many dude friends, but that is a topic I covered in another email entitled “never trust a girl who doesn’t get along with other girls.”

Now, if you’re over 40, understand that you should never use money to attract a woman.

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Is this the DEATH of pick up ?

Quick question:

Think back to where you first heard about the “seduction community”…

Most likely it was through a website, magazine, book, newspaper or even on TV.

Today most people hear about this stuff on YouTube.

And here’s the problem with that:

YOUTUBE has pretty much killed the seduction community!

You see, today there are literally THOUSANDS of channels devoted to giving out

dating advice.

As a result almost every women knows about, “Creepy pickup artists.”

Not only that, they’ve become hyper aware of HOW guys hit on them.

And because of this, pickup artistry is in a crocodile death roll.

Fact is, today’s women DON’T want to be picked up.

But that’s okay.

(It’s a good thing actually.)

Because there’s an easy way to turn this around use it to your advantage AND

come out ahead

Bottom line?

PUA is dying.

And if you’re ready to evolve and take it to the next level…

Here’s what you need to do now to survive The Death of Pickup

P.S. PUA is in a death spiral. And if you are still trying to become a master pickup

artist, you are wasting your time.

That being said, this isn’t a bad thing and you CAN use it to your advantage.

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I Break Attraction Down to THESE 3 “Types”…

I was out with a few of my friends recently and I was paying attention to how they interacted with women.

When it came to trying to attract them, these guys were all about impressing women with their “value”. And it got me thinking.

Showing a woman your value is great, but there’s much more powerful tools for attraction. Much more powerful.

When it comes to attraction, I break it down into 3 KEY types.

Here they are:

1) Value based:

Value based attraction is based on what “value you have” intrinsically or provide the girl.

Are you rich? Are you famous? Are you good looking? Are you just inherently confident?

All of this stuff creates a picture in her mind of what kind a man you are as an “offer” to her.

This is why it’s so IMPORTANT to take care of yourself. The more you do that, the more value you have to women.

This is what my friends were trying to convey by trying to impress women.

In reality, all of this is done non-verbally.

By your looks, your style, and most of all your behavior. In particular your social dominance.

But that’s a whole other email.

2) Emotional:

Emotional attraction is a reflection of the attraction based on the emotional situation. It reflects feelings, but it’s transient. It’s based on how she feels at THAT moment.

So she might really “like you” one night, but the next day feel like crap and not be as interested.

However, if you share a genuine emotional attraction with a girl – it carries over multiple days, weeks, and even years.

If a girl feels an emotional connection with you, you’ll have a HUGE advantage over every single other guy out there.

3) Sexual attraction:

Sexual attraction is an unconscious and physical process that cannot be stopped. It supersedes the other two and is extremely powerful.

Like emotional attraction it is completely irrational – but if you want to have sex with women, you HAVE to hit sexual attraction.

However, hitting sexual attraction too soon or too desperately you are going to get blown out for being sexually pushy and needy.

There is NOTHING less attractive to a woman than neediness.

You have to learn how to balance being “sexually aggressive” (good) and sexually pushy (bad).

A lot of this comes down to reading her body language. The rest comes from experience.

You gotta go and get rejected a lot. Get real world experience, and all of the above will make more sense.

A tip: Get yourself a sexual stereotype early on.

By this I mean dress in a certain type of way that is extremely attractive to certain women (ideally the ones you’re into). This can be a biker, a rocker, a suit – whatever you want.

It’ll help a lot. Women will be far more response to you on all 3 levels.

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#1 Thing ALL women HATE

There’s a SECRET you need to understand about women…

…But very few of them will actually tell you it..

My friend Cindy had to pick between two guys.

One of the guys had his life together…

Good job, nice house, well dressed, handsome.

Knew how to treat her well.

Brought her flowers.

Was respectful…

Wasn’t pushy…

Waited til the end of the date to KISS her.

The other guy was a little different…

They never talked about his job.

He was kinda rude..

Argued with her…

Came on a little STRONG…

She even had to shoot him down a few times..

He went in for the kiss about 10 MINUTES into the date…

By all accounts the first guy was the obvious choice.

I mean he treated her with respect and wasn’t forceful in any way..

But despite that…

She NEVER saw him again..

And she went home with the second guy.

He’s still banging her to this day.

Want to know why?

It’s all because of a SECRET very few women will tell you, but one that I’ll share with you now:

Women will forgive a guy for being too fast…

But they HATE a man who is too slow.

It doesn’t matter HOW MUCH you have going for you…

If you’re too slow…

You’re OUT of the game.

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This is one of the NEW RULES of dating that too few guys understand…

They think they can go on dates, chit chat, have a nice time, and that will be enough…


This MISTAKE is killing countless your chances with her!

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You’re playing by the old dating rules…

The “new rules” that tinder and hookup culture have made obsolete…

A girl doesn’t go on Tinder to meet a nice guy, who will talk and talk and MAYBE kiss her…

(Even if she says she does)

She goes on Tinder to meet a guy who’s going to MAKE A MOVE!

A guy who will kiss her in the corner of a bar, take her back to his place and tear her clothes off!

She knows that men who know how to do this are the ones that GET IT….

They’re the ones that UNDERSTAND how the new dating game is played…

(The way she WANTS them to play it!)

So when a guy is too slow… She knows he has NO IDEA what he’s doing..

And she HATES IT.

It’s a huge turn off.

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P.S. Being TOO FAST is something a woman will always forgive…

It might annoy her, but on some level, it’ll turn her on…

Being too slow, however, will ALWAYS turn her off.

5 Creepy Messaging Habits You Need To Stop.

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Over Texting:
Texting repeatedly usually doesn’t solve anything. As a matter of fact it pisses most girls off, and it displays neediness (the number one woman repellant). This one is pretty important, and it’s actually one of the first things I’ll be teaching in ‘Text That Girl’

Getting Sexual Too Early:
This is a big one…There’s a right way to get sexual with a girl. There needs to be a natural progression, and if you don’t do it right, you’ll just come off as a creep.

Not Asking Her Out:
The whole purpose of getting a phone number is to meet up with her. Some guys notice women’s replies get slower, and less enthusiastic over time…and it’s probably because these women want you to ask them out, and you missed that window.

Waiting Too Long To Send Her That First Text:
I have no idea who created this rule. Some people wait two days, some people a week. Stop it. When you wait that long she’s probably forgotten about you, and is talking to another guy. This will ESPECIALLY kill your chances on dating sites, and dating apps like Tinder, where timing is crucial

Sending The Same Thing As Everyone Else:
Ask any girl you’re friends with, and they will tell you almost every guy who has their number texts the same, exact, thing…If you want to capture her attention you must be unique. This applies to Tinder, online dating, texting, everything really.

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Here’s why “Hooking up” is a waste of time

Do you remember the best sex you’ve ever had?

Believe me, it wasn’t with that perfect 10 you saw in the club last week.

No way Jose.

The best sex you’ll ever have is with someone you are DATING.

And while this might sound strange, hear me out:

You see, there are many advantages to having a great girlfriend.

First of all, you don’t have to worry that the girl you’ve taken home is an STD

riddled sleeze bag.

(Or some bi-polar psycho who has a smokin’ hot figure, with a meth dealing biker

for a husband, but that’s a story for another day.)

Here’s something else you may not have realized:

With a hook up, the best case scenario is you sleep together a couple of times.

(And if you’re really lucky you can turn her into a “Friend with benefits”)

But this is what I’m trying to get through to you.

Pick up is a waste of time!

It’s an endless cycle, with no end in sight.

What’s more, now that PUA has gone mainstream most women know all about

this stuff.

Blowouts are getting faster and more vicious.

And pick up is pretty much dying.

(Incidentally this is also why more and more guys are seeing their success rates


On the other hand, getting a girlfriend is easy.

This is something EVERY guy can do.

And while it isn’t nearly as glamorous as becoming a “Pickup artist” it WORKS.

Bottom line?

Dating will give you the security and convenience that random hook-ups just


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One of the biggest players I ever knew was actually… a woman!

And guess what?

She wouldn’t be caught dead looking for guys in bars and clubs.

No way.

She had a boyfriend.

And instead of, “Getting lucky” every now and again…

…this allowed her to always have a steady stream.

But don’t get me wrong.

She was never serious about these guys.

Oh no.

They served one purpose and one purpose only.

(Which was probably why she had a new one every couple of weeks)

But if you think about this, it makes sense…

I mean they say you should never “Buy the cow, when you can get the milk for


(So why go hunting, when you can farm instead?)

And I’ll also be the first to admit:

This new way just works better.

You see, women don’t want random hook-ups, they want BOYFRIENDS.

Which is the REAL reason why it’s so difficult to pick up women in the first


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